Letter From Progressive Redevelopment to the tenants at Historic Scottish Rite

To the tenants at Historic Scottish Rite:

There have been many rumors, falsehoods and half-truths circulating in the Oakhurst neighborhood recently about the status of this Historic Scottish Rite property — especially since McGowan’s Pub/Palate Café left so suddenly last week without explanation.  You may have seen or heard some of those stories.   Please be assured of the following facts:

The building is not in foreclosure.  The loan is current and always has been.

We continue to market the building for sale through Bill Adams and Talani Casariego of Adams Realtors, but we do not have any contracts pending on the building at this time.

We are actively seeking a replacement tenant for the restaurant space, and there has been a great deal of interest in that space.

The Community Center of South Decatur filed a lawsuit against Progressive Decatur and McGowan’s Pub/Palate Café in March, 2013 regarding the reversal of Georgia Power meters between the east and west wings.  We have always contended that the CCSD lawsuit is without merit, and that they should be talking to Georgia Power.  Despite our repeated attempts to get them to drop the suit, they have continued pursuing it and we have had to pay attorney’s fees for the past year defending ourselves. We have not heard anything further from them since we turned over the required information to their counsel before Christmas.

We know that you will appreciate the fact that we never discuss the details of any tenant’s lease, or lease status.  However, we will say that we worked with Jill Alikonis of McGowan’s Pub/Palate Café for the past four years to help her business succeed – she had a large personal investment in the space and was a long-time tenant.     Unfortunately, she was never able to meet the payments set out in the amended leases.  We regret that she chose to leave suddenly, and without notice to us, and that she has handled this situation in such an unprofessional manner.  However, her decision to abandon the restaurant while owing us a great deal of back rent is not connected to the CCSD lawsuit.

We hope you know how much we value your tenancy at Historic Scottish Rite.  There has been a lot written in the neighborhood blogs about the “Oakhurst community.” It is our firm belief that the Oakhurst community has been built by you – the tenants in this building, who are here every day and have brought great resources to this neighborhood.   PRI and Progressive Decatur are proud of the renovation and operation of this building that we’ve worked on since 1998, and we will continue to keep you honestly informed as we move forward.

With my thanks, Lorri Mills