2nd Avenue School Shooting – McNair Discovery Learning Academy

Gunman on 2nd Avenue – McNair Early Leaning Academy
It was reported that the gunman, a 19 year old white male, was armed with an AK-47 assault rifle. The gunman entered the school and asked the secretary to call channel 2 news.
The gunman told the news station that he wanted them to come to view him killing some cops.
This was reported at 3:32pm on Channel 2.
It does not appear that this shooter wanted to shoot children as much as he wanted to harm City of Decatur police officers or Atlanta City police officers that would be responding to the situation.

The Hero That Talked Down The Shooter is Antoinette Tuff.

Her linked in profile is below

Antointte Tuff’s Linked In Profile

Here is the 911 call where she talked down the Decatur School Shooter.


Police and SWAT are on-scene after reports of person with a gun in the main office of Ronald E. McNair Discover Learning Academy Elementary School at 2162 2nd Avenue in DeKalb County.
The school superintendent confirmed about 1:30 p.m. that one person was in custody. Law enforcement are now sweeping the school and campus to secure the area and confirm there are no other suspects.Students and staff have been evacuated to a safe area outside of the school.

There have no reports of any shots fired or anyone hurt.


By Matthew DeLuca, Staff Writer, NBC News

A shooting was reported on Tuesday afternoon at an elementary school in Decatur, Ga., according to school officials. A suspect was in custody, DeKalb County School district spokesperson Quinn Hudson told local NBC News affiliate WXIA. All of the students, faculty, and staff have been accounted for at the school of about 600 students, Hudson said. Police responded to a call reporting that shots had been fired at the Ronald McNair Discovery Learning Academy not far from Atlanta, WXIA reported. No one was injured in the incident, Hudson said. DeKalb County Schools told NBC News that the police chief was on scene after the report of gunshots. Students were evacuated from the school building, and helicopter footage from overhead showed students outside the building and sitting in an adjacent field.


Proximity to Oakhurst:
Point B is the Oakhurst Village Center and Point A is where the Ronal E McNair Discovery Learning Academy School Gunman was apprehended.
Proximity of School Gunman To Oakhurst